Choicepoint is an international training institute for national, international and multinational organisations on the spectrum of leadership and success.

We work on three levels:

We offer in-company trainings, seminars and lectures

Whether your staff, department or team is in search of increasing (personal) productivity, efficiency, teamwork, sales or communication – Choicepoint can provide you with a tailor-made approach a that aligns with your desired outcome. Events can take place in your working environment, so that new ideas, plans and solutions can be implemented directly in the place where they will be executed.


Through open trainings

Sometimes, it’s just a few key-players within the company that can help making a change that leads to an increase of productivity, commitment and results. Key-Players, such as senior managers,  heads of department, HR or VPs have the possibility to attain our high-level training and seminar programs, that are designed to provide the best an latest knowledge and information to help carry out the change these key-players will help to bring.


By 1-on-1 coaching

Coaching is the most personalized and effective way to both overcome challenges and find new solutions to move forward effectively, efficiently, and fast. All our coaches are certified experts that help you in your learning process, making the best choices in the moment, and exposing the possibilities to reach the desired outcome in the shortest time possible.


What Makes Us Different

What’s unique in all of our trainings, is that we practice the elements of accelerated learning. Accelerated learning makes it possible to train a large group containing several different learning styles, as well as transferring large quantities of high quality information in a short amount of time. Our seminars and trainings are always interactive. Therefore it’s possible to provide the best possible way of teaching for every participant.



Robert van der Wolk, founder of Choicepoint, is visually challenged since 2002. Like no other, he knows how it is to live in a world of physical limitations. But despite this, he chose to live a lifestyle that challenges him to exceed his limitations.

It’s because of this reason, the mission statement of Choicepoint is to awaken your life’s possibilities by inspiring and encouraging you to maximize your life’s potential.


You can do so much more than you think you can. And success – in every part of your life – is easier to achieve than you might think. As long as you know how the system of success works. Both success as well as the lack of it are the result of your actions, which on their turn are defined by your beliefs and thoughts. Take the right actions, get the results you want. It’s in your potential to do what you want. To do it all. The first step is to believe you can.

The meaning of Choicepoint

Albert Einstein once said that time is not at what it seems. It does not only flow in one direction. The future exists simultaneously with the past, in the same moment.

Stephen Hawking took it one step further and says that quantum mechanics does not predict a single definite result for an observation. We don’t know precisely what’s going to happen in the future, rather it predicts a number of different futures or possible outcomes, and tells us how likely it each of these is.

In school, we learned that time moves in two directions: forward and reverse. The future and our past. But science today now allows that time doesn’t only move in two directions, as we are often taught in school, but in three directions. There is another way time moves, other than in the past and future.

And that third way is something that is called vertical time. Vertical time suggests that in any moment of time many experiences are all playing out at the same moment. The key is that they are already created.

It is often said by trainers, coaches, motivational speakers, managers and friends that you create your own reality. Quantum science now says that that is close. It may be more accurate to say that, rather than creating our reality, it is already created. We choose which of the possibilities already created we bring to bear in our lives.

For every moment of personal challenge (for instance, if we’re diagnosed with a potentially life threatning condition), there are other possibilities where that simply doesn’t exist.

On a global level, such as a global war, there are other possibilities that that never happened. The question is: How do we move from one to another?

These ideas are called parallel possibilities and they were first proposed in 1957 in Princeton University by dr. Hugh Everett III. He says: Not only are there many possibilities, every once in a while, we reach a place where we can leap from one possibility to another. He called those Choicepoints.

We can start our day in one range of possibilities. And through the choices we make, through our technology that lives within us, individually and collectively, we can come together and create a zone where we may leap to other possibilities. Just like it looks like we may have a life threatening condition, it doesn’t mean we have to carry that condition to its fullest extent.