Choicepoint provides several events, seminars and trainings, in the range of a single day seminar or workshop to multi-day trainings. Though we are based in the Netherlands, we operate on a European level – bringing engaging, entertaining and ready to use informative programs that inspire, encourage and guide you to making an impact in the world of your clients.

With our working experience on 3 different continents, we’ve found that at the core of every company, big or small, it’s the people that make, and keep the heart beating.

Our approach is simple, and straight forward: When your people are peak-performing, the company is at its best.

Here's a selection of trainings we can offer you:

Master Communicator

Get the essentials and secrets every Master Communicator uses to effectively authentically connect, cooperate and communicate with others. Learn to influence and persuade ethically, understand what the messages are behind the words and how to get the best out of everyone you interact with. 

Elements of Succes

What makes people successful? How do you overcome obstacles when working towards your goals? What is success is not enough? These and more questions are answered in this highly engaging and motivating seminar. 

Lead the Way

Personal leadership is the fundamental starting point for every professional  with a managing role. Adopt the mindset and skills of successful leaders and pave the way for you and your team to greater results, stronger connections and lasting commitments.

Emotional Mastery

Most people act on 'spur-of-the-moment emotions. The state they're in determines the choices they make. What if you could make decisions based on your mind and backed by your heart? You'd get the best of both worlds. Emotional Mastery is a training based on emersion where you learn through experiences. 

Vocal Mastery

Your voice is the second biggest influencer when it comes to getting your message across. It accounts for nearly 40% of your total communication, and yet - most people have no clue on what to do with their voice to make it effective, empowering and enjoyable to listen to. Discover the six elements of the voice and learn to use them in the ways they give you results!

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