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Create an Edge of
Authority, Clarity and Connection




If there is one tool that is hugely overlooked, and massively undervalued, it’s how we use our voice. Yet, on a daily basis we use our voice as the single most dominant tool we have available to get our message across, motivate, persuade and influence others, and position ourselves as the leader, expert or authority in our field. The quality of your voice is directly connected with the level of success you achieve, and impact you have on the world.

For the untrained ear, a voice may sound ‘kind or ‘pleasant’, or ‘loud’ and ‘disturbing’. Yet, when we look deeper into the details of our voice, we can discover a variety of elements that shape our voice as it is – and even more importantly, how you want it to be.

Whether you’re the CEO of your company, managing a group of people, working with a team, or someone that just needs to get their message out there – it is crucial that you speak with clarity, authority and conviction.


Workshop elements

In this training, you will learn:

  • Why you need 3 voices to truly make ian impact
  • The 6 primary elements of your voice and
  • How each element can be used to your advantage
  • Why words count
  • How to speak with clarity, confidence, conviction and authority
  • The 6 vocal types
  • How to boost your own self-confidence and esteem using your voice
  • 3 simple but powerful tip for better speaking


Methods of work

In this training we’ll use the following methods to achieve results faster:

  • NLP
  • Accelerated learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Individual processes
  • Group dynamics


Results and Implementations

After attending this training you will be able to speak with more conviction, clarity and authority. You will be able to connect faster with others and persuade them to follow up on your messages. You will experience more confidence when you speak in front of small and large audiences, and you know how to transform anxiety into enthusiasm.

When using the tools from Vocal Mastery, you can increase your sales easier, get better connections and relationships with others, and  create success faster, because of the conviction you now have when you speak with and to others.

Practical information details

This seminar is held in English, and has a duration of 2 days. There is no minimum number of participants required, though we recommend a group size of 50 participants as a minimum. If your team is under 50 people, please contact us for alternative options.

Registration and Pricing information

for more information about this seminar, please contact us by calling +31 (0) 23 551 87 06 or emailing us.