Elements of Success

Become an Expert Goal-Getter



What if you had the guarantee of achieving and realizing every goal you set? In a world where instant gratification is the standard, effectively setting and achieving goals is no longer a ‘should’, but a must.

Goalsetting is the number one skill you must need to have in order to move forward successfully. Everyone has goals, but those who seem to accomplish far more than the average person do so with a systematic, proven method of goal setting and goal attainment.


Workshop elements 

n my 15+ year career as a personal coach helping others achieve their goals, one of the most important parts of my methodology is dividing your big goals into smaller, actionable steps. And this is exactly what this seminar will do for you:

  • Achieve specific goals, big or small, in your personal and professional life.
  • Discover the 7 areas in which you must define your goals, for maximum fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Gain clarity in exactly what you want to achieve in each of those areas.
  • Determine a clear-cut plan for achieving your goals.
  • Outline exactly what tasks you need to do throughout each day to be successful.
  • Develop a powerful new mindset that lays the foundation for confidence, self-discipline, and determination
  • Begin to create a working plan for taking daily steps toward achieving your goals
  • Learn the single most important quality of high performing people – and use it


Methods of work

Expect an interactive, informative and impactful seminar where you’ll hear and directly implement the strategies and tools presented to you. By using the methodology of accelerated learning you will be able to obtain large doses of quality content in a relatively short time.

Other elements used in this seminar:

  • NLP
  • Experiential learning
  • Accelerated learning
  • Individual processes
  • Group processes


Results and Implementations

After attending this seminar, you will have an actionable and strategic outline or plan to start working on achieving your goals systematically, consecutively and ongoing. You know the elements of successful goalsetting, and have the capability to set goals structurally. You know which goals to set, and why, and feel fulfilled, on purpose and compelled forward to realize them.


Practical details

This seminar is held in English, and has a duration of 2 days. There is no minimum number of participants required, though we recommend a group size of 50 participants as a minimum. If your team is under 50 people, please contact us for alternative options.

Registration and Payment information

For registering for this seminar or more information, please contact us or call us during office hours on +31 23 551 87 06.