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You know it’s important to first be a leader for yourself in order to create the success you want in your life. So many times we’re taught how to be a leader for others, that we forget that true leadership comes from within.
When you know how to be your own leader, you can then be a leader for others. There are thousands of people who know what to do to move forward, but who don’t do what they know. Now is the time to deal with the continuous change effectively and to awaken the leader within – to become the leader in your organisation, community and beyond.

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How can I deal with these constant changes? Why should I be a leader? What can I do to think forward, move forward and change the way I see myself? This is the spirit of leadership.

I’ve asked myself these questions.

I’ve asked these questions to thousands of people over the past decade and below you find the most common answers I got from them.

1. I don’t feel strong enough to carry the responsibility to be a leader for others

2. My role in my job discourages me to become a true leader that lives by example.

3. I have to oblige to the will and demands of others to stay in the game.

4. I try to remain positive and strong, but it doesn’t seem to last long enough to make a real difference.

5. I feel there is more I can be, do and have, but I’m not exactly sure about the how’s and the what’s.


Based on my own experiences throughout my life, I’ve learned first how to be a leader for myself. Over the last 19 years I’ve been able to educate, inspire and motivate thousands of others to do the same, and to finally step into the position of a true leader that can lead others to greatness.



Discover what inner leadership can do for you in your organisation.


I’ve educated and inspired thousands of people over the years to find their hidden leader and awaken their possibilities to be the inspiration and the example of true fulfilment in every part of their life.


During the last 30 years I’ve dealt with a variety of physical challenges, ranging from type 1 Diabetes and kidney failure to total loss of eyesight and a double organ transplant. During these extremely challenging years I discovered that it’s only within myself where I can find the true power to be my own leader and deal with the changes that cross my path. Once I knew how to master my mindset and have a clear vision for what I wanted in my personal life, I was able to implement these strategies and help others awaken their possibilities to live from powerful personal leadership.

Despite all the challenges, I’ve accomplished many personal and professional successes – from dealing with a limited health, running a marathon, inspiring tens of thousands people worldwide and reaching hundreds of thousands with my talks, books and articles.

“We live in a world where we are being convinced that we don’t have the power or ability to come from inner vision and deal with the changes effectively. It’s when you awaken the true leader within yourself, it’s there where you find all the abundance to overcome any obstacle and live in a world where you are truly limitless.”



Since 1989 I’ve dealt with type 1 Diabetes. In the following 25 years this resulted in a near total loss of eyesight, kidney failure, dialysis and eventually a double organ transplant. With 60 operations I can’t say I’ve lived an easy life – yet still, I’m living today as the best version I can possibly be.

Despite all my physical challenges, I’ve found a way I’ve been able to turn my burden into a bliss – becoming a leader for myself and others, and leading by example, showing that nothing is truly impossible: publishing over 500 articles, 17 books, speaking all around the globe and inspiring tens of thousands of people. My secret?

The belief that I am much more than my physical challenge makes me believe I am ab d trysting that the best is yet to come.

With practical knowledge and skills I’ve turned my life around radically; one in which I’ve created the possibility to teach others to do the same in their personal and professional life.

“We live in a world where it’s easier to believe that we don’t have the power to deal with the changes that surround us. To truly be a leader and make a difference, it is so important to know in every fiber that you are stronger than any challenge life can throw at you.”


Discover the leader within


It’s easy to believe that tough and challenging times are circumstances you can’t control and that you have to face the fact that there’s nothing you can do about it. Instead of seeing the opportunity in every situation, many people have developed the skill of learned helplessness, where they feel disempowered or challenged beyond the capability to move beyond the circumstances that block them from truly living from their personal power and infinite potential.

No situation however, has to so defining that it paralyzes you for the rest of your life. When you finetune your mindset and become your own personal leader for your life, you can use all life-events as stepping stones to transform yourself into the leader you were born to be – for yourself, and for those around you.