January 5, 2011 3:20 pm


Of course it’s important to set goals. If it’s up to me, even truly big goals. But I also know that these big goals have a big change to fade out as time goes by, and eventually, even fail. Especially when the New Year comes around, and promises to yourself are made abundantly. But you may find out later that same month that these goals may have been a little bit too opportunistic, so they seem. Time for a different approach…

There will never be another… 2010.

So whatever your hopes or expectancies were for this year, they’re gone. You’ve got a new chance to start planning for 2011.

Blah blah blah!

That’s what everybody’s saying; the bloggers, the commentators, the columnists who can’t find a suitable text for this week. They’re all talking about how we have a new year to plan with whatever we want, me too. But what if this isn’t the best approach, in first instance?

Then I’ve got something else that’s important for you, to take a closer look at, and that’s this:

There will never be another YOU. Ever. Not in this universe, not until the end of days.

You’re unique – there never was another You, and there never will be. You are an original, and only you can decide how you want to live your life.

You can start next year.

Or even tomorrow. Or today even, during lunch. At any given moment we may choose to take control on our personal destiny.

And for that, the new year is a good ‘bookmark’ to start that change.

In that context, I was looking to my own life today. Even though I see myself as a silent en controlled guy and realize that I’ve been here for some years or so, I can still mark the New Year as important moments in my life.

And I can choose to change my world for a better one, by changing myself.

Now, I do have some good experiences with New Year’s resolutions . And if I only kept just a mere 10% of my resolutions, I’d be impossible to deal with! All those resolutions combined together… Brrr!

But with the things I’ve learned about the human brain (even MY OWN), I’m hopeful I can make some small changes in January.

For example, getting up just a little bit earlier each day, and doing some exercises. Just that one small change. For fifteen minutes, maybe. But I’ll do it every working day.

After that I can add another small change, both in a way they become automatized as a habit.

If I’m careful and consistent, I may even choose a new habit every month!

No stress, no revolutionary changes, just small choices – kinda like small deposits in the savings bank.

And when it’s December.. who knows? Do you know what happens with a savings-account if you deposit small amounts of money regularly?

The money on that account receives interest. And the more you deposit on it, the bigger the interest will become.

The same thing works for small – permanent – changes, when they’re added for a whole year.

And when I’m exactly one year further, I’m expecting my  one-of-a-kind life will have the shape and characteristics I’d really like it to be.

I’m inviting you to try it out. And of course big dreams are good and I’m encouraging you to write those down – I guarantee you it will boost your life. But also those small little changes combined together eventually lead to the change you’re looking for. Little changes each month, one on top of the other, until you have a pretty good life.

To our success,



Robert van der Wolk is an international therapist, speaker, coach and best-selling author in the field of personal and professional development. Started in 2001, Robert has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide awaken new possibilities and manifest their ideals. Start your new life today by booking your free strategie call today!

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