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Imagine saying this to yourself when you get up tomorrow morning.

(Your name), as a life-long customer of you, I’ve seen many things happening with this establishment. When you started in the early days and opened your doors for the first time, I wasn’t sure whether or not things would turn out for the best. I mean, a lot of help was needed, almost 24 hours a day and it took a long time before some of the tasks were manageable by you. But, and I have to admit, you’re a quick learner and you adapt to new situations rapidly.

Years flew by and I’ve seen the trends come and go, but you’ve managed to maintain stability in your growth year in and year out, and that is truly remarkable. There aren’t many companies that can say that in these challenging times we’re living in currently.

I know that new times ask for new approaches – changes in management and sometimes that means cutting down on the storage facility and trimming down on the things that are of only excess baggage to keep the customers happy – because the customer still is King.

I know it’s not easy to say goodbye to those who’ve been there for years and who’ve supported you in times of need; we all know.

Still, are they serving you still, or are they costing you more than you’d like to afford?

I know you are the head, the Big Chief in Charge of Maintenance, Change and Progress, and that it’s your decision. And up till now, you’ve done a heck of a job to keep this establishment going strong.

Like I said, times are changing, just like the Bob Dylan song, and that means that we have to keep changing, too, to keep up and keep ahead. If there’s anything that I can tell you from this side of the mirror, it’s this: keep that what is making you win and tweak to improve it into excellence – and lose that what’s losing anymore or what’s already lost.

You’ve come this far. Keep going. You’re not ‘there’ yet. Keep your vision, hold your focus, fulfill your mission. You’re a winner. I know you can do it, and trust me, when I’m saying something like this, believe you-me that I mean what I’m saying. You’re holding the gold.

You’re not the Apple; you’re the Apple tree. You’re not the Facebook; you’re the embodiment of life’s library. You’re not even the Google; you’re the Googolplex. There’s infinity to the infinitieth potential in you that if you truly decide to go for it all, there’s not a single atom in my system that will doubt that. You can do it. And you know what? I’ll remain you’re loyal, trusting and faithful customer if you will keep delivering me what I need and want.

Now go out and get it.”

I bet that that’ would have a much different result than when you wake up, get dressed, see yourself in the mirror and say ‘Okay, it’s Wednesday – week’s almost over.”

When the mind talks, the body listens. So say something that empowers your every fiber of your being.


So here’s today’s question to you: How do you motivate yourself for your best day when you look in the mirror?

Leave your comment below, and I’ll be sure to follow up on it.

Now go out and get it.

To your succes,



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Robert van der Wolk is an international therapist, speaker, coach and best-selling author in the field of personal and professional development. Started in 2001, Robert has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide awaken new possibilities and manifest their ideals. Start your new life today by booking your free strategie call today!

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