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If you take a look at the world today, you’ll soon come to realize that nothing is for free. Everybody who’s even remotely into business will try to sell you something — and preferably more than once.

Great promises, that will often times sound too good to be true. We’ve all been there. Whether we buy something in the middle of the night from an infomercial we see on TV, or something we ‘get along the way to the cash register’ in the supermarket.

And with that every purchase, we somehow seem to get into the automatic running part of our mind that only wants one thing: instant gratification and hope for a better future. Whether that future is immediate or a bit longer, whatever we buy seems to make us feel god… in the short term.

But what about the long term? Have you ever considered to really take some time of and start imagining where you want to be in 10, 20 or even 40 years from now? If you’re like most people, the answer will be ‘NO’.

But where do you begin? In this fast and instant gratifying time, where EVERYTHING is important and NOTHING can wait, and where distractions are lurking EVERYWHERE – I can imagine that starting to make a plan for even the next decade isn’t easy.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve had the privilege to have a mentor that knew (and still knows) how to simplify the mechanisms of one’s life, and start taking the small steps towards any envisioned future.

Even better news: you don’t have to go for any training. Heck, you don’t even need to get out of your house to start your bright future.

In his new book “Living by Design – 28 Day Journey to Create the Life of Your Dreams” you’ll find a ton of practical and directly to use information that will help you jus start your future.

Now, I’m not trying to sell this book to you. In fact, I want you to have this book for FREE. And the best news is, YOU CAN!

But before I go into giving you a free book that will be delved at your house, I want to emphasize the value of the 3 questions I promised you in the headline.

You see, most people, as I’m sure you know, take more time to plan their holiday than they plan their future. And if you’re going to wait until a book will arrive at your doorstep, chances are that you won’t take the time to read or implement it.

So here’s the thing: in order to ensure you that you can start making a positive difference in your life today, I invite you to click the link in this article, and take just a couple minutes to start thinking about how you want your future to look like.

As a thank you, you’ll get the book, for free. That way, those who REALLY want to make a difference in their own life, as well as positively impact the lives of those around them.

The rule of thumb is that about 90 pre cent of the pole who read this article won’t click the link, keep doing exactly the same of what they’ve bene doing, and get more of the results they’ve always gotten. If you’re one of those people, than stop reading. This is NOT FOR YOU.

But if you truly want to be the captain of your own ship, in ALL of the important areas, then I know for a fact that investing a couple of minutes in return for a brighter, more fulfilled and wealthier future will be worth your time. And again, as a Thanks, you’ll still get the book for free.

So what will you do? Are you going to do nothing, and hope for a better future?

Or are you going to take a few moments right now, and start exploring the beautiful mind you have, and all the hidden secrets it has to unveil to you?

The choice s your.

To your success,



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Robert van der Wolk is an international therapist, speaker, coach and best-selling author in the field of personal and professional development. Started in 2001, Robert has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide awaken new possibilities and manifest their ideals. Start your new life today by booking your free strategie call today!

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