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Have you ever wondered why people go to their work? In the first place, you’d think it is because they need the paycheck to make a living. Though this is true, most people aren’t propelled by money to do the work they do. It’s something you can’t buy with money.

Research show that it doesn’t matter as such how much you pay a person to do their job. There is a threshold where the quality of the work will not increase, no matter how much more you pay them. From this, you could conclude that money is not the #1 driving force behind someone’s work. After all, if they aren’t intrigued by a bigger paycheck to do more work, why would you pay them more?

The key to having satisfied employees who not only do their work in the best way they can, but keep them motivated to do their best, is personal development – the ability to grow and develop oneself within the organization and the possibilities is holds for them.

Where money seizes to be effective in motivating your employees to go the extra mile, it is giving the opportunity to let them develop themselves on a personal and professional basis that will pull your co-workers forward.

So what does personal development means within ia business context?

Think about the different qualities you have as a professional, that you can also use in your personal life. Enhanced communication skills, increasing self-confidence, the ability to inspire you and others, overcoming fear, uncertainty and other obstacles, team building. All of these are aspects of personal development, that you can offer to your employees to get more out of them.

The secret to having and keeping a high level of job satisfaction is to find the balance between what you are capable of doing very well, stretching your “comfort-zone” by expanding your knowledge and skillset, and having the intrinsic or inner motivation to do it.

For most people, more money – an external or extrinsic motivator – is not the best reason to do something when the going gets tough. It is the passion, calling or even the feeling of having a purpose that pushes them to do what is necessary.

It is the intrinsic motivation that keeps people like police officers, fire fighters, rescue workers and soldiers go back into the toughest of situations each and every time – for sure it is not their paycheck that is on their mind when they run into a burning building or risk getting shot in the line of fire.

Take a look at how much possibilities your organization has to empower their employees to grow with the company. After all, it’s your employees that are your most valuable assets. Better make sure your assets keep being your assets.

So here’s today’s question to you. What elements of personal development do you use or require in your work, and how does (the lack of) it impact your company?

Leave your comment down below, and I’ll be sure to get back at you.

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Robert van der Wolk is an international therapist, speaker, coach and best-selling author in the field of personal and professional development. Started in 2001, Robert has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide awaken new possibilities and manifest their ideals. Start your new life today by booking your free strategie call today!

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