The Best Story You’ll Ever Tell Yourself to Keep You Motivated

    Imagine saying this to yourself when you get up tomorrow morning. (Your name), as a life-long customer of you, I’ve seen many things happening with this establishment. When you started in the early days and opened your doors for the first time, I wasn’t sure whether or not things would turn out for […]

Why Personal Development Matters In Business

  Have you ever wondered why people go to their work? In the first place, you’d think it is because they need the paycheck to make a living. Though this is true, most people aren’t propelled by money to do the work they do. It’s something you can’t buy with money. Research show that it […]

Why the Road to Passion Is Painful Yet Beautiful

The day before my flight to South-Africa, I hold a seminar in which I talk about how to find your passion and how to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. Many of the participants are wondering if they’re on the right track with their life, what their current lifestyle can do more for them, […]

Nothing is Impossible

A while a go i was just looking around in my living room, and my eye caught focus on a laminated flyer a friend gave to me some time ago. The flyer shows a beautiful picture of a flying person, underlined with the text ‘Nothing is Impossible’. And then I sarted to think: is that […]

The Potential Me

The 1985 featured film The Breakfast Club tells the story of five high school students who have to do detention on their free Saturday. Each and every one has their own reason to sit this one out and there’s no single common ground that one shares with the others: a sportsman, member of the wrestling […]

Dream On

In the film ‘Inception’ Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a guy who steals valuable and secret information from someone’s mind by getting into their dreams and influences the way they behave in that dream. To make things even more complicated, Dom is challenged to infiltrate deep into the mind of the subject, and the way […]

How to Feel Bad and Like it

by my good friend Nisandeh Neta.   A trusted therapist I know said to me a few days ago: “I think that many people who are suffering feel considerably worse simply because they’re suffering.” “What?” “Well, we fear feeling badly. We feel out of control when we’re depressed or anxious. We then struggle internally. How […]

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